Sunday, 4 December 2016

Gingerbread week

We had a Gingerbread man theme week and got to do all kinds of reading, writing and fun about Gingerbread houses, babies, boys and girls...At the end of the week, we even got to make our own Gingerbread boys and girls...They were fun to make and delicious to eat!!

 After we all had a chance to make our Gingerbread boys and girls, we did a walk about tour to look at and admire all the hard work and yummy looking cookies we decorated!!

Our new Elf friend, Fuzzy!

This week we let the Christmas fun begin as we decorated our classroom Christmas tree!!

The next morning, much to our surprise we had a friend join our class... A classroom elf to help Santa watch over us all day long!  

He needed a name so we all suggested one and the next morning he had picked one! He wrote us a letter on the board and then played some math games with his classroom buddies.
Our new Elf's name is FUZZY and WE LOVE HIM!!! 

Dancing with book Characters

We rocked the dance floor when we had the chance to dance as, and with book characters! Thank you to all the participants and donations for our school fundraiser, this dance was for you!!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

We love Math!!

Along with all our other fun activities, we have been working hard on our Math skills. From learning to make 5 and 10, to patterns and number fun, we can now do it all!! This was a particularly engaging activity that we really enjoyed with our friend and Math consultant Lisa Page.  Thanks Lisa!

Halloween Parade!!

What a spooky time it was this week at ERB... We had our annual Halloween Parade with the whole school and then enjoyed our classroom party. We danced the monster mash, sang and played some fun games together after our yummy snacks.  Thanks to all those who sent in the snacks and treats for the class!!!